Game Rules

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Objectives of the Game:

Players on your team need to guess the clues drawn on the whiteboard to correctly identify the vocabulary word. Teams are then able to define the vocabulary word. By doing so, teams advance with points. The team with the most points at the end (most correct vocabulary words) wins.

Contents of Visual Vocabulary:

This game is played online using Wikispaces (Visual Vocabulary website). Within this game, there are four sections: online whiteboard, safety codes, vocabulary words (that will change each Monday) and the game rules. Each team will have a grab bag of the current vocabulary words. You will also be using a one minute timer.

Game Preparation:

To begin your Visual Vocabulary game you will be put in pair teams by your teacher.

1. You will need to use the class username and password to log into Wikispaces.

2. Appoint one person on your team to look at the vocabulary words and draw them in the online whiteboard. You are the artist!

3. Next, appoint the other person to guess the drawing and determine the definition. You are the thinker!

The artist will choose one vocabulary word from the vocabulary lists or the grab bag. You will have five seconds to examine the word and determine how you will draw your picture. You will have one minute to draw your vocabulary word and get the thinker to guess the word correctly. Be sure to set your timer!

If the thinker guessed the word correctly, your team will receive 1 point. If the thinker guesses the vocabulary word in less than one minute, your team will receive 1 additional point.The thinker must then give a definition of the vocabulary word that the artist drew. The definition must be provided in one minute. If given correctly, your team will earn 2 additional points.

The total points your team may earn per vocabulary word is 4.

When you and your partner finish one vocabulary list, challenge yourself by playing a second round! Select another vocabulary list and switch roles. This time, the artist will be the thinker, and the thinker will be the artist.

Additional Rules:

  • It is okay to use many whiteboard pages to create your vocabulary image.

  • No letters and words may be drawn out.

  • You may use an “X” to cross things out when drawing or locate something but NOT as a letter.

  • Pre-arranged clues are not allowed.

  • You must guess the exact word, not its plural form to receive the point value.external image ani_thinkingcap.gif